Local Food…
Local Fun…
Local Farms!

This is Alberta Farm Fresh Producer Association’s COME TO OUR FARMS guide.  Come experience a season of the sweetest berries, freshest vegetables, meat, eggs and specialities…direct from the farmers who grow them!  Alberta grown…simply the best!

Alberta Farm Fresh is your source to find what is in season and what exciting things will be happening from farm direct merchants across Alberta.   

The Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization representing direct market growers across Alberta.  Most AFFPA members market directly to consumers via u-pick farms, farm gate sales and/or through Farmers’ Markets.

You can buy berries, fruit, vegetables, protein foods and speciality items from farm direct merchants in four ways: You can pick fruit and produce at the farm (U-Pick), you can buy items available for sale at the farm, become a member of a Community Shared Agricultural Farm, or at a farmers’ market in your area.

Remember to always phone the farm to check availability before you go!

If you’ve never been to a “pick your own” garden before, here are a few useful tips:

  • DRESS – Wear loose, comfortable clothing such as a long-sleeved shirt and pants.
  • COOLER – Bring a picnic cooler with ice packs to keep products cool.
  • BUGS AND SUN – Remember those UV rays…wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.  Bring some mosquito repellent, just in case.
  • CALL AHEAD – It’s a good idea to call ahead to be sure the farm has a good supply of what you want today...don’t go home disappointed!
  • FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS – Please respect the growers’ property and follow any written or verbal instructions you are given.
  • STORAGE OF BERRIES – Berries store better unwashed.  Don’t wash until immediately before use.  Store in the refrigerator in shallow containers, loosely covered.  Use within two or three days.

We know you’ll enjoy our farms and products!